The Forest And The Dressup Box

I grew up in a small town strung along the forested coast of British Columbia. For as long as I can remember, I have been creating costumes for characters and vice versa. Most of these characters populated the imagination-enhanced version of the woods and waters I visited, but some hailed from ancient lands, mythological realms, worlds found in books, or later, roleplaying games. When I wasn't playing make believe out of the dress-up box, I was reading, writing, drawing, sewing, or performing.

On stage (dancing, playing music, and acting) I learned the power of clothing in a storytelling sense. We can visually communicate identity, relationships, and stories which are not ours, or we can express experiences which are profoundly our own. Off the stage, I was experimenting with an eccentric wardrobe, and learning what that meant to my identity, as well as all the crafts which went into creating it. 

me tegan halloween '95.jpg

The Archaologist And The Costumer

After highschool I turned my attention to a long held passion. Three years of an archaeology degree with a focus on Celts, Vikings, and the prehistory of religion brought me closer to my roots. One particular course had the unexpected side effect of kindling further interest in masks, regailia, shamanism, and identity.

Years later, I had a chance encounter with a young woman who had a profound revelation about herself due to a costume donned for fun at a festival.  This drove home the importance of what we wear in relation to our selves, including the inner self, our roles in life, and how we present ourselves outwardly. 

In the fall of 2013 I began the Costuming for Stage and Screen program at Capilano University. It was the perfect intersection of my passions, talents, and interests.  Sewing, crafting, designing, and textile arts met character building, storytelling, history, and theatre. By graduation in spring of 2015 I had honed my existing skills and aquired new ones including maskmaking, corsetry, and dyeing. 


The Activist And The Witch On A Mission

I aim to create clothing and accessories with meaning. I see clothing not as a transient disposable object, but as a way to connect both maker and wearer to nature, myth, or culture. I hope my creations will be carried with you through life for a long time and provide a sense of grounding and connection.


Dressing to express oneself should not limited to any demographic. People of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, and abilities are welcome and encouraged to enjoy these creations. As the range of human variation is vast and beautiful, I am very happy to collaborate on custom pieces or do alterations to merge clothing you love with requirements for fit, accessibility, and other variables.


As many materials as possible are sourced ethically. As this is a wide-ranging term, info on materials will be included in product descriptions as well as discussed in blog posts, and I am happy to answer additional questions. In general, ethical sourcing is based on researching environmental impact as well as the wellbeing of textile industry workers the world over. I also make a concerted effort to reuse, repurpose, and upcycle when possible.


Economic accessibility is a major issue in small scale local fashion. I keep prices as low as possible while being able to continue. I am aware that is still out of reach for many, so if you are working within a budget please contact me to discuss options.


What we choose to wear has an impact. Clothing can tell stories, influence mood, and so much more. Adornment reveals connections and context, it can be a source of confidence, or it can be a way to claim your own power and identity. Or it can just be a lot of fun and look nice.

All the world's a stage, and I shall costume it.

~Astrid Gwendolyn  

Wearing my old great #hat and my new gre

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Wildwood Spiderling clothes made? 

All clothing and accessories are made in Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Where can I buy Wildwood Spiderling? 

Primarily Etsy, though if you are local a pickup option can be arranged via e-mail. Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram for craft fairs, trade shows, or partnerships with local stores.


Do you take custom work/alterations? 

Yes! With a few exceptions. Time to completion and pricing varies on a case by case basis. Please see the services page for more information!


Will you do this giant project for free for me if I buy you the fabric?



Are your garments pre-washed?

Sometimes fabrics will be washed in advance of sewing to ensure integrity of fit. Whether or not a particular garment has had this happen should be noted in the product description. If you have further questions about garment care or I have missed including something, please send me a message.