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Jewellery Commissions: Open
Accessory Commissions: Open with caveats
Clothing commissions: Closed

Commissions are accepted on a case-by-case basis and require some level of consultation. Commissions are more likely to be accepted if they are in the realm of what I already do, as I am more likely to have the skills and familiarity to achieve what you want.
Consultation, sketch/design time, and material sourcing time are all included in the final price along with material costs and actual making time.

Alterations and Mending

Alterations: Closed
Mending: Closed with small exceptions

Re-using, re-imagining, or simply fixing garments is the best way to keep textile waste out of the cycle. Mending, altering, or up-cycling can also be a way to breathe fresh life into a wardrobe. Due to the incredible variety of garments, fit issues, and construction methods used in manufacturing, alterations and mending are only available for in-person appointments.

Stylist Services

Have nothing to wear? Stuck on how to evoke a certain era with modern clothes? Need a costume or outfit for an event? Want to dress more on the outside the way you feel on the inside? Just feeling bored with your clothing options? Stylist consultations are available in person or by video call, depending on your schedule and needs.

Performing Arts Services

Theatre, dance, and music are all live storytelling experiences. Let your clothing help tell the tale! Whether your band needs a look, your burlesque routine needs an outfit, a quick change needs choreographing, you need to look historical on a budget, or any other project, I'm happy to chat!

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