Custom Work

Custom work is available by consultation. This includes but is not limited to custom sizing or alternate colours on existing shop styles (subject to fabric availability), personal wardrobe pieces or poblem solving, costumes for halloween or cosplay, bridesmaid dresses, or just your own fun ideas. Due to the inherent variety of these pieces I am unable to provide a pricing chart, but please e-mail or call and I will provide a quote and some possible variables.    


Re-using or re-imagining existing garments is one of the most important and overlooked methods of sustainability in the fashion world. I am happy to take on basic alterations and mending. Buttons, split seams, and hemming are most common, but there are many other options for resizing, reworking, and re-invigorating a garment which has seen better days. For non-standard alterations or mending I will need to see the garment first and make sure we are clear, conduct a fitting if necessary, and assess cost. 

Stylist Services

Stylist services are designed to bring new life to a daily wardrobe with minimal purchases. Any shopping will be recommendation-only and will be kept to local and/or environmentally friendly options. Primarily the goal will be to utilise existing garments as much as possible in creating outfits and looks which are fashionable but also suit your own personality and style. Make "I have nothing to wear" a thing of the past as we create a versitile wardrobe for the you you want to be.

Theatre Services

Theatre services vary from small projects for amateur theatre to designing full productions. I am also happy to take on roles as a dresser or wardrobe mistress. Whether you need advice on how to source historical garments cheaply, what guidelines to give actors for a found-costume show, a specific item built, concept sketches painted, or a quick change choreographed I am happy to hear from you!